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You're invited - Enjoy a Holiday Romp in Vale Valley (Vale Valley Mpreg Party)

I am delighted to share that I have an upcoming new release, A Holiday Magic Mixup, as a part of the Vale Valley Mpreg series, starting 12/1. Each book is $3.99 to purchase, and all are available for free via Kindle Unlimited. Mine will be released on 12/13! You can learn more about the entire series and preorder all of the books at the Vale Valley Website ( 

And as a part of letting everyone know everything about the series, we're having a Facebook party 11/30/2018! Just hop over and join the Vibrant Party Room group here! (or click on the below pic). You'll get exclusive excerpts and have a chance to win fun prizes at tomorrow's party so I hope you can make it. I'll be kicking off the festivities at 3:30pm. 

Rosemary and her husband Trenton Vale founded the town of Vale Valley as a secret haven for all needing a home. Five thousand strong, Vale Valley offers a diverse mix of humans, shifters, witches, ghosts, and more, all residing in harmony. Though the existence of supernatural creatures is kept secret from the outside world,  Vale Valley residents feel safe and protected as they create a community side-by-side with the creatures of their little town.    

And for some very special visitors, Vale Valley may even become a home. 

Vale Valley is a small but bustling town with all the comforts of a big city.  From their Health Center to Vale’s General Hospital specializing in male pregnancies, to the Vale Valley Inn and Restaurant or The Dozing Dragon’s B&B to the local bar Club Incubus featuring a live band, Vale Valley has something for visitors and residents alike. 

Visit the town of Vale Valley. Run with the reindeer, swim in the lake that never freezes, discover the bonds of love that form between alpha, beta and omega, and maybe try your hand at a little magic. Whatever you’re looking for this holiday season, a trip to Vale Valley will fulfill your every desire.

My book is about two people who ultimately make Vale Valley a home. 

Here's a little bit about it the book:

When a lonely omega witch casts a holiday spell to fetch the alpha of his dreams, can love heal two damaged hearts?

A Holiday Magic Mixup CoverA lonely omega witch casts a forbidden spell.

After his adoptive grandmother dies, initiate witch, Mark has only a dead end job and no romantic prospects. Worse, despite being raised by the coven leader, Mark can’t even manifest a familiar, the minimum requirement to become a full witch. Mark recognizes he’s a magical dunce, but if he could find love, maybe saying goodbye to his dreams of being a real witch won’t be so bad. So he takes a desperate step, casts a forbidden love spell, and everything falls apart.

A jaded paranormal investigator has one chance to save his career.

Jaded alpha and paranormal investigator J.C. Hart doesn’t believe in magic or crystals or anything but himself. He’s on a mission to debunk the supernatural, but with his ratings falling, he has to produce a blockbuster holiday special that shows his softer side. Will a trip to the magical town of Vale Valley, and a handsome omega witch, restore J.C.’s faith in the fantastic …and love, before the town’s source of magic is destroyed?

Find out in A Holiday Magical Mixup, Book 7 in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. This book contains witchcraft, sleight of hand, pseudoscience, humor, mpreg, holiday feels, a hint of danger and most of all a very happy ending. Pull up a chair, grab your hot cocoa, and settle in for holiday romance.


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