Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 8/4/2018

Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 8/4/2018 ~ Crazy week, inching forward on Omega Challenge, Happy Planning, and Step by Step (Karaoke)!
Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 8/4/2018, where we go behind the *music* with Quinn!

It's Saturday, and it's been another CRAAAZY week! From “spelunking” with my grandfather in his basement to setting up my Happy Planner to writing, erasing, and rewriting, I can only say I'm taking it Step by Step.  

First, I want to give you a bit more of Chapter 4 of Omega Challenge. I plan to have the complete chapter posted soon. Sometimes life just goes nuts, and it's been like this for me lately. Here's hoping things settle down enough for me to actually sit down and WRITE!

If you missed the beginning of Chapter 4 in last week's blog, just click here. You'll also get to see the new cover for Omega Challenge! 

Omega Challenge, Chapter 4, continued:

The forsworn alpha sat with his back against a tree, crosslegged, holding a plate full of food on his lap. He was at the edge of the clearing, and alone.


Still holding Noah's glass, Luther quickly bridged the distance between them. “Arthur, is it?”

The alpha looked up. “Did Horace send you, or did you come on your own?” he asked. His expression was bland, but when he said Horace’s name, even with Luther's weaker beta senses, he smelled the alpha’s fury.

“What is your business with Horace?”

“He betrayed my parents, and he gave me this mark.”

Of course the forsworn would attempt to show discord. The forsworn were never to be trusted. They skulked around the edges of legitimate packs, stealing, occasionally murdering, and always unfaithful.

Luther said, “You must think me naïve and a fool.”

“I think you understand what it is to want something you cannot have.”

Luther's skin went cold. How had the stranger guessed about Luther and Noah? Or maybe, he was just playing a game. “Whatever feud you have with Horace, Noah is not part of it.”

“Noah? So that's your omega's name…”

“He is not mine.” No matter how much Luther wanted Noah to be his, no matter how much he wanted to believe that shared confidences, kisses, and moments of ecstasy could change the essential order of things, Luther would not lie. Especially not to one who more the mark of a liar. Especially on who stared out through the eye of the traitor…

You can read Chapters 1-3 for FREE and preorder the book here

In other news, in order to keep myself on point, I've bought a HAPPY PLANNER! And it has made me so happy! Here's a pic of my new planner. This is beyond analog. You literally have to carry it around and write stuff out. I LOVE it!

And my cat loves it too! 

Happy Planner n Lil'Cat

I added the stickers. The key to this system is the hole punch. It's a knock off of the Staples Arc system (from Michaels), and the planner hooks you up with the rings. 

I got the BIG planner, and the sucker is HEAVY, but worth it. Organization is magic. And like magic, ephemeral and requiring all sorts of arcane rituals to achieve. 

Also, if you missed the 25+ FREE Gay Romance Summer Special, grab the books at this link:

It's ending on the 15th, so don't miss it! I also realize that while I've been posting about this for two weeks, I haven't grabbed my free books yet! What's up with that? 

Lastly, it's karaoke time! Whenever I feel a overwhelmed, I love to listen to Whitney Houston's Step by Step (and perform it at karaoke.) I'm slogging now, but gotta keep moving. 

We all want to BLAST through our obstacles and rush quickly to victory. But the fact is, our greatest accomplishments are built through small, regular actions. Books are written one word, one sentence, one page and one chapter at at time. It's good to be reminded of this. 

Here's the video:

This karaoke song of the week is also tempered a bit from the (new to me) revelation that Whitney was never allowed to publicly embrace her bisexuality. For someone who wrote “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” not to be able to be accepted and loved for all aspects of herself is in itself a tragedy. 

We never know who people truly are nor do others always understand how they inspire us. 

So, inspired by today's karaoke song of the week: 

What do you do when you're feeling slogged down by life? 

How do you keep yourself going, step by step? Inspirational music? A special drink or food (I love bubble tea)? Something else?  

Leave a comment! 

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