Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 7/21/2018

Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 7/21/2018 ~ Sometimes the book flows, sometimes it just staggers along. And my new anthem. At least this week at karaoke.
Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 6/23/2018

Welcome to the Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg Blog Hop 7/21/2018, where we go behind the *music* so to speak with Quinn!

It's Saturday, and I wanted to give you a little bit of a peak into my crazy writing process on the new book, Omega Challenge. It's my first menage! A/B/O. And I've really angsted it up! Also, I'm satisfying my love of fantasy tropes. You'll see this in Chapter 2, which I'll have up by the end of the weekend.  

I actually had planned to be 2-3 chapters further along by today, but alas, the book just took a while to come together.  I've got chapters 1-2 finished, and I'm almost at the end of Chapter 3. All of these chapters have already had major rewrites because the plot just didn't want to come together. Sometimes it goes like that.

So when the story is just staggering, I did what I usually do, flipped over a printout of the chapter that was irking me and started to scrawl out some notes. There are three types of writers:

-> “Pantsers” = Fly by the seat of the pants. No outline, just write.

-> “Plotters” = Outline everything before you put word one of the page. 

-> “Tweeners” = A mix of both.

I'm definitely in camp three. I write some, I outline some, I follow that outline some. 

Here's a pic of the VERY rough outline I made that got me back on track. 

Note: **THERE ARE (probably) SPOILERS**

Additional note: I almost NEVER follow my outlines!

Omega Challenge Outline

When I did this outline, I realized I needed to rewrite the first three chapters. Of course, those rewrites didn't really follow the outline. I'm a tweener. Outlines are like the lines in drawings in a coloring book, something to use when they are useful and to ignore when you get a better idea. 

Here are some of the line edits from this week. My handwriting SUCKS!

You can read the rewritten Chapter 1 and additional chapters as they post on the Pine Creek Lake page. Scroll down to the bottom for Omega Challenge (it's Book 4 though technically a far past prequel.) This page also has the free chapters of rest of the Pine Creek Lake books. 

I will be debuting the pre-order of Omega Challenge (in a way that is super exciting and hopefully a heck-ton of fun) on Friday 7/27 at 1:30pm at Susi's One Year Anniversary Party

And last but certainly not least, Quinn's Karaoke Song of the Week!  I heard Jill Scott's Hate On Me performed last week at karaoke, and I realized I needed this song in my life. Sometimes I feel like (in my everyday life) I'm just neck deep in drama and haters, and when I am being my best angel, this is how I'd like to respond. 

So I'll have sung this last night! I'll let you know next week how it goes (I have to get the blog hop up before I leave…) 

Here's the video (which is just fantastic!): 

We all have to deal with haters in our lives. People who don't like our hair, what we like to read, who we want to love, our political views, and more. How do you deal with haters? Feel free to let me know in the comments! 

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