Ecstatic to share this review of Alpha Blaze from Jordan @ Mpreg Obsession

Alpha Blaze (New Release)

I was so delighted to see Jordan K. Prince from Mpreg Obsession review Alpha Blaze!  I hadn't even sent out a review request. Instead, Jordan picked up the book and felt compelled from there to read it, review the book, and tag me on Facebook! WOW!

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Here's the beginning of Jordan's review…

Cups: 4.5 cups

The Scions pack is rotten thanks to their pack alpha. Pack members remain through lust for power and fear. Kevin, the alpha's nephew, is trapped. Beaten down physically and mentally, he does everything he can to remain invisible. Reading Kevin as he is in the book is sad; he is clearly traumatized from his years of abuse and the terrible things he's seen and endured. Blaze is a spy, plain and simple. He isn't the power hungry alphas that make up the Scions. The moment he meets Kevin, things change. He isn't only concerned about his former pack but about freeing Kevin.

I really enjoyed the cast of characters in this story. Kevin is a sympathetic character. He's strong but traumatized. Trusting an alpha is hard for him, no surprise there. I am truly hoping I can see glimpses of his true boldness as he grows more comfortable and trusting in future stories in the series. Blaze isn't the stereotypical alpha…  

Read More on >> is a really great site and they also have a Facebook Group (Mpreg Obsession Pack) so check it out! 


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