Omega Shelter - Part 2 - The Calm

Blurb for Omega Shelter: One is missing. One is pregnant. One will die.

As an alpha, Mark is steadfast, organized, and above all loyal. When a cub goes missing, Mark sets out ahead of an oncoming storm to save the child. But when Mark finds a runaway omega hiding on their land with a bloody knife and a secret, everything he believes about true mates and loyalty is put to the test. Will Mark put it all on the line to save an omega who betrayed his own alpha and mate?

Gale has always been a good omega. He mated the pack Alpha and did everything to please him. But when Gale’s mate threatens their unborn child, Gale has no choice but to run. Can a stranger, an alpha, offer Gale everything he’s been too good to let himself want? And if so, will their fragile chance at happiness survive after Gale’s past catches up to them?

Omega Shelter is a fast-paced, satisfying mpreg omega werewolf romance that will leave you hot and bothered with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Chapter 2 of 2 - The Calm

It took two days for Mark to return to the settlement with Gale, Peter, the puppy—that Peter had named Lucky—and a small, precious bundle with wide blue eyes taking his first looks into the world. The three newcomers quickly settled into the pack. Peter and Lucky were fast friends, and caring for the injured pup insured that Peter stayed closer to the settlement, at least for a short time. Much to the relief of his parents.

Gale, at first wary that the other wolves would dislike him, soon opened up and became fast friends with the other omegas. He settled into Mark's cabin, and bit by bit over the next week emerged the trappings of a nursery: a crib, diapers, and soft baby toys. Gale threaded together a beautiful mobile from forgotten items and whittled pieces of wood. It spun gently from the ceiling as his son, Connor, slept peacefully beneath it. Though the birth had been hard, it was no harder than many of the things that Gale had suffered as Jeff's mate, and his werewolf body meant that he had healed up quite thoroughly since arriving and joining his new pack.

Every morning before Mark went about his duties, he gave Gale a sweet and tender kiss. And every night they slept in each other's arms. But they did no more than sleep.

Gale wanted more. He wanted to join with his true mate, to taste Mark’s pleasure as Mark's hands and cock wiped clean the memories of Gale’s last, unlamented mate. And more than anything, he wanted Mark’s knot.

But Mark seemed scared. Either that, or now he'd brought Gale home, he was regretting the decision. The pregnancy had put ugly stretch marks on Gale’s belly, and his teats were now large with milk. Maybe that bothered Mark. The tender kisses that he pressed on Gale's shoulders every night, and the mornings where Gale woke up with Mark’s cock hard against his ass, made it clear that Mark had needs. Just like Gale. Needs that Gale wanted to fulfill, even if Mark preferred that they didn't look at each other. Maybe Mark’s instinct had been wrong. Mark was a good man, a good alpha, and he took his responsibilities very seriously. Everyone else in his pack agreed to that.

Maybe they weren't actually true mates. Though, in Gale's heart, he couldn't imagine being in any other man's arms than Mark's.

Or maybe it was just that they hadn't really had any time to themselves. Gale hoped it was only that. Thankfully, Bertrand, when Gale had explained the situation, he agreed to keep little Connor for the night. Although, after giving birth, Gale would not have a heat for at least a month, he and Mark could still join together. Not a full knot that would bring children, but at least a mating. Proof that they were meant to be with each other.

Gale made certain to cook Mark’s favorite foods, which he had learned from Bertrand who was mated to Mark’s older brother. Simple fare: grilled steaks with garlic and butter, lightly singed on the outside and bloody in the middle, rice pilaf, salad and onion rings. And chocolate mousse for dessert with strawberries, which Gale hoped he could convince Mark to eat off his naked chest.

Mark returned promptly as the sun was setting. Gale, not having new clothing of his own, and not feeling particularly comfortable about his body, dressed in a simple robe, though he had taken the time to style his hair, brush his teeth a second time, and spray himself with a little of Mark’s cologne. Just to show that he was Mark’s. For as long as Mark wanted him.

Mark's face lit up as he entered the cabin, sniffing the rich scent of steak and garlic.

“That smells wonderful!” Mark exclaimed, and Gale smiled, his face warming at the compliment. He still wasn't used to it. Jeff had only commented on Gale's doings when he felt Gale had messed up.

Gale went to Mark and wrapped his arms around the alpha, pressing his body to Mark.

“Where's Connor?” Mark asked, and his breath hitched as Gale reached down, untied the robe and let it fall open.

“Bertrand is watching him for the night. I thought…” Gale was careful to keep Mark’s gaze locked with his. His body, post pregnancy, embarrassed him. But with the robe open, Gale’s desire was evident in his cock at full mast. If Mark rejected him, he didn't know what he would do. Grit his teeth and push through it, most likely. That was how Gale had handled all of the difficult experiences of his life so far. Gritted his teeth, and did what he had to do to get through it.

But Mark didn't reject him. His blue eyes grew dark with desire and he grinned. “All to ourselves? Are you…how are you feeling?”

“I want you.”

They kissed, hard and thorough. It was like no kiss Gale had ever experienced, and like every kiss he'd ever wanted. Mark’s tongue caressed his, and each touch sent sparks of pleasure through Gale's body. Gale had pumped his breasts, both to offer milk to his cub and also for this, because leaking all over his new mate would've been mortifying, and as Mark slipped his hands inside the robe and caressed Gale’s nipple, the heat of Gale's desire grew stronger.

“Please.” Gale didn't know exactly what he was asking for. To be bitten? To be fucked? All of it! Gale’s hands were shaking as he unbuttoned Mark’s shirt. But Mark wasn't patient either, and before the last button was free, he hooked one hand down the middle and ripped the shirt off.

Mark’s chest was wide, sharp with muscle, and covered in a thick down of glorious hair. Gale buried his face in it, licking, tasting, touching. The smell of steak filled the room, but all Gale wanted was this. “It's just warming in the oven,” Gale explained. “It can wait.”

“Good.” Mark scooped Gale up in his arms, and bypassing the couch altogether, took him up the stairs to their bedroom. When they were naked, skin to skin, Mark pushed his legs open and licked him. Sweet at first, teasing his hole which had grown slick with sweat. Gale wasn't in heat, so it wouldn't get wet, but still Gale yearned to be filled. Mark tongued Gale’s taint, and then after briefly lavishing attention on his balls, swallowed Gale’s cock. Gale moaned with pleasure, unable to stop himself from rocking his hips, wanting more. But he also wanted, needed, to touch his mate. To taste Mark's cock. To lick him. To mark him.

“No! Yes! Please!” Gale was caught between desires. He wanted more, and he wanted more. He wanted Mark.

Mark brought him right to that beautiful edge where his balls drew up and he was just moments from coming before relaxing his jaw and letting Gale's still weeping cock rest against his pelvis.

“What did you say?”

Gale couldn't think. It felt too good.

“Want you. In me.”

“You're mine. My true mate,” Mark said, his voice low with a hint of a growl.

“Yes.” Gale was Mark’s, and Mark was his.

Mark was gentle but thorough, preparing him, pushing each finger slick with lube inside, finding that special spot that made Gale shiver and cry with pleasure. His cock was massive and uncut, an alpha’s cock, and though Mark was as focused in preparing Gale as he was in every other aspect of his life, Gale did manage to taste Mark’s cock, to suck on it as best he could though the size meant that he couldn't take it to the base in the way he wished.

When Mark entered him, pushing past the ring of muscle, Gale was so desperate to feel him that tears filled his lashes. Mark kissed Gale on each side of his temple where the tears had rolled down, then on his cheeks, and then his lips, pulling Gale closer until Gale was on top, seated on Mark's cock.

Mark thrust. Each movement brought greater and greater waves of pleasure through Gale. Gale reached for his cock, but Mark's hand was already there, and with their fingers threaded together, Mark stroked Gale’s cock. Gale came against Mark’s chest in long spurts and Mark just after, filling Gale completely, the alpha seed hot and deep as the head of Mark’s cock expanded and they were bound together.

Mark bit down on Gale's collarbone, and the spark of pain, of ownership, made Gale come again.

“Mine,” Mark said as they lay sweating and spent in each other's arms.

“Always,” Gale agreed.

The End.

One is ruthless. One is deceived. One will win. 

An alpha of the Pine Creek Lake pack killed Devon's father. But when Devon discovers his true mate amongst his enemies, will a forbidden love force Devon to choose between his pack and his heart?

Seeing the love of his life choose another, Zeke faces a bleak future as an omega with no hope of a mate. But when he stumbles into the arms of a strange and handsome alpha, is this a second chance for a happy ending? Or will he be cast aside…again?

Star-crossed mates must make the ultimate sacrifice to save each other.


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