New Release – Single Dad Omega by Alice Shaw

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Single Dad Omega is 99c through 5/20 (FREE in Kindle Unlimited)!

Thrilled to recommend this great book from an author I really love!

Blurb: A single dad is searching for the omega of his dreams…

Tate Highland thought he had everything. But when his husband passes away in a tragic hit-and-run accident, he loses it all. In one single moment, his life changes forever.

He's lost his husband, his faith in humanity, and when the town turns against him, his son begins to slip away as well. Tate feels broken, but he doesn’t want to give up hope. He still yearns for someone to make their life right again.

Local beta cop Elliot Marie's world is upended when he discovers he's a rare, late blooming omega. Worse, he's pregnant. Elliot feels lost in his new identity. The cops at the station treat him like an outcast, and he feels like he has nobody left on his side.

There is one thing he's sure about: he’s falling in love with that alpha Tate Highland. But can they move on from their tragic pasts?

Single Dad Omega is a full-length friends-to-lovers, second chance, and single dad romance novel. It is 52k words. This book contains hot and sexy scenes, emotional moments full of desire, and one sweet baby to gush over. This book is meant for 18+ readers.

I adored Tate. He was an Alpha but not your usual Uber tough guy, he had a lot of heart and was an amazing father. He & his son experienced a terrible loss and the local authorities were as bent as they come & make Tate & his son’s life hell! Elliot gets called out to Tate’s house & after everything he has heard he is less than thrilled. But when he meets Tate he realizes that everything he has heard is just more bigotry from the bent authorities that are making his life hell. I loved the story and the characters really melted my heart. Danger, suspense, passion & two people trying so hard to overcome the pain of their past.
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A well written story with sweet and likeable characters. This book is a definite recommendation.
Kindle Reader
Kathryn M
This title (Single Dad Omega) does not in anyway prepare you for the expansive depth of feeling and emotion that is experienced by our main characters. Tate, his son Rowan and newcomer deputy Elliot Marie. For eight years, Tate has been merely existing after losing his omega and Rowans father. Losing him to an unsolved hit and run for which the leaders in the town have no interest in solving. Officer Elliot Marie relocated from Dallas to take care of his father who can no longer be left alone. Elliot meets Tate when he responses to a call for police to Tate’s home, an isolated cabin on the lake. Elliot realizes that Tate is not at all he has been lead to believe from his fellow officers. In fact, as Elliot discovers there is a whole lot of misinformation going around town. This book does a great job of weaving a love story, a true justice story together. This book for sure should be on your list of must haves. Alice Shaw leaves you wanting to know more about Elliot and Tate even after the last chapter.
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