New Release – His Hardest Choice by Xander Collins

Mpreg New Release from Xander Collins - His Hardest Choice. Will a good cop be able to make the right choice … when it involves the forbidden love of a criminal?
His Hardest Choice by Xander Collins Cover

99c (USD) 6/22 ONLY!

Please double-check the discount in the UK, Canada and Australia as the price change has not happened outside of the United States as of 8:45am, EST.  This appears to be KDP's fault as the price was lowered as of when I went to bed in the United States.  At whatever price, it's a great book! 

Will a good cop be able to make the right choice … when it involves the forbidden love of a criminal?

When Hank starts sweating uncontrollably and feeling tingles throughout his body after coming up against an alpha the whole police force has been hunting, he can’t deny that his omega hormones are betraying him. 

He’s a good cop, but his secret desire for the alpha is almost overwhelming. During an interrogation, he’s terrified that everyone in the room can see how he’s being affected by the man in handcuffs. That the alpha is flirting with him … and that Hank likes it.

Jason was roughed up when the cops arrested him. What they don’t know is he was there to stop one of the crimes in a string they think he committed. But Jason’s not going to give them the satisfaction of a straight answer because he can’t stand cops.

Until he sees Hank, that is.

Jason starts out toying with Hank during the interrogation, but eventually, he can’t deny his feelings. He’s a cop-hater, and he’s falling in love with his enemy. 

His Hardest Choice is an enemies-to-lovers romance of 39k words. It includes a relationship between a straight-laced, vanilla, omega cop who lets a leather-jacket-wearing, alpha criminal corrupt him and control him in bed … with his own handcuffs. 

It includes some angst, a lot of feels, plenty of swearing, some incredibly hot sex, a pregnant man who gives birth to a sweet little baby, and a very HEA.

A spectacular addition to this wonderful series. Love the storyline, once I started I could not put it down. Hank and Jason may be total opposites but they are perfect together and their chemistry is out of this world. I really like how the complement one another and truly help one another get over their own insecurities and vulnerabilities.
Kindle Reader
Esther A.



“Is this what you wanted?” he asked, his mouth just inches away from my ear. “To be a bad boy in a leather bar?”

I slowly wrapped my arms around the back of Jason’s neck and felt our bodies moving almost imperceptibly to the music. As our bodies shifted and swayed I could feel his cock growing hard in between us. “Yes, this is what I want,” I said, feeling my own stiffness match his.

This was what I’d wanted for a long time. To feel like I didn’t have to be the perfect son or citizen or cop. I’d been wanting for so long to see what it felt like to let someone else take over … take responsibility … take control.

And Jason was in control. I could feel it. With every move he made, no matter how small, his body was the one telling mine what to do and where to go. He was the one gripping my ass and pulling me into him until there was nothing between our hard cocks except the rough fabric of our jeans.

I could feel myself shaking in anticipation as Jason moved both of his hands up and curled them around my neck, pushing his fingers into my hair.

The squeaking of his leather jacket and the rattling of the chain on his belt sent shock waves directly to my cock. I looked up into his eyes and swallowed hard. I hadn’t been with many other guys, and definitely not one that took over like Jason.

The way he looked into my eyes made me forget how to breathe and how to think. Then, as he lowered his lips to mine I felt my body melt, softening into his and giving in to him completely.

His lips were full and smooth, and much softer than I’d been expecting. And the contrast between that silky skin and the rough stubble that lined his jaw sent shivers down my spine. His body was full of contradictions. Hard muscles covered in soft skin. A firm grasp that held me roughly and pulled me in so that I was enveloped by his warm mouth and velvety tongue.

As our lips pressed into each other and our tongues collided, I felt an overwhelming desire growing inside me. I wanted Jason. I knew that with every fiber of my being. I wanted him to possess me and fill me up. I wanted Jason to knot inside me and I wanted to carry his baby.

When his lips pulled away from mine, I opened my eyes and saw that same desire in his. “Come back to my place with me.”

“Are you sure?” Jason growled in my ear. “If I get you alone, I’m gonna tear you open and make you mine.”

“Yes,” I gasped. “I want you, Jason. I want you inside me.“

99c (USD) 6/22 ONLY!



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