New Release – Alpha’s Vow by Colbie Dunbar

New Release – Alpha's Vow by Colbie Dunbar

New Release from Colbie Dunbar - Alpha's Vow. What happens when you’re thrown together and there’s no escape?
Alpha's Vow

What happens when you’re thrown together and there’s no escape?

Seb is a wealthy alpha who pursued his passion for working the land despite his family’s objections. Covered in tattoos, he favors short-term relationships over anything permanent.

But when Max, a Shakespeare-quoting backpacker, meets Seb in less than desirable circumstances, a misunderstanding has the omega accepting an offer that sends him hurtling in a new direction.

And then there’s Trixie, a tiny, pink piglet who has the run of Seb’s home and has captured his heart. She adores apples, riding on the alpha’s motorbike and plenty of snuggles. And it’s love at first sight when she comes face to face with Max.

Set against the backdrop of an unspoiled landscape and a lake that’s both serene and treacherous, Seb and Max’s relationship blossoms until a storm disrupts not only the surroundings, but also their future.

This is a 28,000-word, non-shifter, omegaverse novella, and it’s the first book in the Idriador series.

I really enjoyed reading this clever, sweet, charming, sexy, snarky, and amazing story. I couldn't resist falling in love with Trixie, the cute, smart, and adorable little piglet who had everyone wrapped around her little hoof. The surprise ending has me eagerly looking to the next book in this interesting new series.
Kindle Reader
Patricia Nelson


The pair walked into the barn and Seb pointed to a log ladder. “The bedroom’s up there, but the shower and toilet are on this level behind those hay bales.”

Max inspected a small pen covered in straw in the corner.

“That was for Trixie, but I’m such a softie, she always slept in the house.”

The omega’s eyes widened, and he lurched backward.

“Don’t worry, she’s very friendly.”

“Are you kidding me? You expected her to sleep in the barn. What’s wrong with you?” Max picked up his pack and headed for the door.

What’s wrong with me? Me? Seb raced after the omega and jumped in front of him. Max held up his hands. “Whoa! I want no part of this weird shit.”


“Trixie. You mentioned her this morning. Don’t tell me your mate sleeps in the straw too?” Max glanced around, as if expecting an omega to appear from under the stalks of dried grass.

Is he for real?“ Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not mated to anyone.”

Max’s white knuckles gripped his pack as he eyed the door. “I’m sorry, but that’s even worse. You expected a baby to sleep by herself in a barn.”

“I’ve never had a mate, and I adopted Trixie but…” Wait, what baby?

“Then why would you treat her so badly? Maybe they should have kept you in jail.”

“Jesus, stop, Max. Do you always jump to conclusions and finish people’s sentences?”

The omega frowned. “Maybe.”

Seb clapped his hands in front of the omega’s face. “No mate. No baby.”

“But you said…”

“I know what I freaking well said. Trixie is my baby. She also has four legs.”

Max’s mouth gaped. His face registered confusion. And is that panic? But then the omega’s shoulders shook as laughter bubbled up his throat. He bent over as though he were in pain and fell to his knees as tears streamed over his cheeks.

“Are you finished?”

“I’m so sorry. I was going to report you to child services.”

Seb folded his arms. “Hilarious!”

“So, you have a puppy? That’s sweet. I can’t wait to meet her.”


The omega closed one eye. “A kitten?”

Seb shook his head. “My neighbor’s cat, Snowball, visits every so often.” We can play this game all morning but I don’t have time. “Pig.”

“Hey! There’s no need for name-calling.”

“Trixie’s a piglet.”

The omega slapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh, that’s adorable. Where is she?”

“She spent the night with Snowball’s owner. He’ll drop her home later.”

Despite his irritation, Seb couldn’t help but love Max’s enthusiasm. It won’t be so bad having him around. But as he made his way out of the barn, the omega’s tempting aroma spiraled around him. Then again, perhaps not.



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