New Release – The Alpha's Awaited Omega by Lorelei Hart

New Release from Lorelei Hart - The Alpha's Awaited Omega. An Alpha needs to put his pack needs first—but what if his true mate isn’t pack?
Alpha's Awaited Omega by Lorelei Hart

An Alpha needs to put his pack needs first—but what if his true mate isn’t pack?

Travis is miserable. Being pack Alpha means that his pack comes first, which was fine before he met his true mate, Hayden. Hayden calls to him in a way no other omega ever has. Only problem is, he can’t claim him—Hayden, his mate, isn’t a wolf. He’s a bear, and the wolves of Distance are nothing if not traditional. Travis’s role is to help maintain that. Sure, he made one exception…

Hayden is down on his luck. The building he ran his midwife, or midhusband as he liked to joke, practice from is gone, and he doesn’t have the money to start from scratch. His brother would love to welcome him into the clan home with the other bear shifters, but Hayden wants to do things on his own. It would be easier if his bear wasn’t clawing at him to get to their mate, the old-fashioned, pain in-the-neck, hotter-than-hot wolf pack alpha from Distance.

When Travis offers Hayden a job in Distance, he reluctantly accepts, knowing he will be moving where no bear has gone before. But a job is a job and despite the challenge of spending his days near a mate tradition says he can never have, he is unable to bring himself to decline.

The Alpha’s Awaited Omega is a standalone, super sweet with knotty heat mm mpreg shifter romance featuring a traditional Alpha wolf and a nontraditional omega bear.

Oh my God, oh my God! I've been waiting for this to come out for so long! (5 weeks) lol. This did not disappoint me at all! This was an awesome read and the love between Hayden and Travis is so sweet and hot at the same time. Read this, it will not disappoint. It does leave room for another book 🙂
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I enjoyed this book maybe a bit more than the first one. It has your drama, comedy, dark magic, wolfs, bears, and tigers in my!
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