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It's Monday, and that means MPREG!!!!

It's Mpreg Monday 8-13-2018 ~ Summer Cold & Justice Brothers 2!

  1. Behind the scenes content and/or Special Previews: Justice Brothers Book 2, Chapter 1 is LIVE on the site! And if you missed Book 1, you can read the whole thing on my site with a free membership!
  2. Featured Review(s): Wonderful comments about To Love and Protect His Omega on the website this week!
  3. News: This cold has pushed the release for Omega Challenge back, so look for it a week or two later. I'll have an updated release date once I get my groove back on. 
  4. Books! Books! Books!: New Mpreg books I've discovered and am reading. Lots of awesome new releases this week!
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Justice Brothers Book 2 - Chapter 1 is LIVE! Also, if you missed Book 1, it's available in its entirety on the site!

So, I've been off the grid because I caught a summer cold. This means everything has been pushed back a week, including the new release.  

But there is some good news, namely, Chapter One of the second Justice Brothers Book, under the working title to Save and Defend His Omega, is LIVE on the website! 

In the book, something is making young omegas go crazy and murder their parents. When Deputy Tom Justice discovers one of the omega killers is the literal man of his dreams, he's in a race against time to find the missing omega before its too late. Is Landon a killer? Or are these deaths part of a more sinister plan, one that has put Landon and others, in mortal danger?

Here's the opening of the first chapter:

His hand reached for mine, interlocking as we kissed, first tenderly then passionately as he pulled my t-shirt over my head. It felt like sparks and static on my skin. I was cold and hot simultaneously. It was magical, and I shivered from the pleasure that leaned towards ecstasy as his lips pressed against mine. 

Passion, affection, love — is this what it’s like to be with your true soulmate. It felt perfect as his hands make short work of my jeans. He stopped momentarily to admire my form and smiled at my lack of underwear.

“I wanted to surprise you,” I smiled, all of my insides tensing. Am I good enough? Will I measure up as an omega?

I think he sensed my insecurity, because he gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “It’s a beautiful surprise, thank you.”

I relaxed as his warm hands roam all over my now fully-naked body leaving more sparks and tingles in their wake.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered in my ear, his warm breath making me wrinkle up my nose in reaction. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Shut up and kiss me,” I whispered, then licked his ear and blew into it which made him scrunch up. I giggled. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold. My tongue was warm; my breath cold.

His lips brushed mine with a minty fresh scent that makes me smile. There’s nothing worse than a lover with bad breath, soulmate or no. Our naked bodies pressed together, as he gently massaged my neck leaning in to smell my omega scent. I moaned softly as his hands continued to roam. His alpha scent is rising, and I can’t help but react. I moaned again into his mouth, as I gently ran my fingers through his beautiful, brown curls. 

“I love you,” I whispered as our gazes locked on each other. “I will always love you.”

“I love you more, Landon.” The alpha picked me up off the floor easily carrying me to our bedroom. “Now and always.”

“Run!” A voice, my father’s voice, shouted.

The alpha vanished. Instead, it was my father. I was in his bedroom. Was I sleepwalking? It had been years since I’d done that. My mom lay on the bed, bloody and unmoving with her eyes wide open. A bullet had crushed her temple and blown out the side of her head. Acid rose to the back of my throat.

Wake up! I had to wake up.

But the smell of blood and urine and—

My mom had been shot in the head. She was dead.

“Mom,” I fell beside her, choking on a sob, but my father grabbed my hand. His hand was sticky. Blood leaked from the side of his mouth. Why was he bleeding?


“You’ve got to go now,” he whispered, his gaze desperate.

I had to be dreaming. This couldn’t be real. I pinched myself. It hurt, but not as much as what I was seeing.

“Dad? What’s wrong?”

Finish reading Chapter One here

As you write more in a world, it expands, and you learn more about how things work. To Save and Cherish His Omega not only has an action-packed plot but also some interesting psychic elements. I'm super excited about this! 

Featured Reviews
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I want to take a moment to highlight two wonderful comments about To Love and Protect His Omega on this site! 

Here are two wonderful comments:

I couldn’t wait for each episode to be posted! GREAT reading.
Thank you for such an enjoyable time I have had while reading this book. I’m a huge animal lover that was such a great extra bonus to the story.


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When Oliver finds out he has a bun in his oven—courtesy of the two hot alpha bakers on his flour-delivery route—he’ll be making a special delivery of his own.

Chris is a lucky guy. Good things often fall into his lap, including the TV baking competition that jumpstarted his career. But he wants more than just money in the bank, a bit of fame, and a growing business. Chris wants a family—although he’d probably settle for a good lay with the one man who wants less than nothing to do with him.

Adam’s life is all about dough—and not the kind that could get him out of his small-town rut. No, Adam’s stuck running the family bagel business and trying to out-bake the arrogant celebrity donut-maker and adopted town prince, Chris. If only he could get Chris out of his hot dreams. But the guy boasts the best donuts in the state and an ass you could bounce quarters off—and Adam’s subconscious just can’t ignore him.

Then there’s Oliver. His life is fan-freaking-tastic—except it totally isn’t. Back home and living in his parents' basement is the last place he expected to be at his age. Worse yet, the only job he can get is running a delivery route nobody wants. And for good reason. The last two bakery stops are made of evil—or so he’s been told. But his boss forgot to mention the bakeries are owned by the hottest men Oliver’s ever seen. Too bad they hate each other.

Or do they? The longer Oliver spends between these two hot bakers, the more he flips their antagonism upside down, their attraction making their alpha instincts kick in, much to their surprise. Now if only they can figure out how to deal with the even bigger surprise that’s about to kick—in Oliver.

A Bun in Their Omega’s Oven is a full-length, pun-filled, non-shifter, MMM, Mpreg romance featuring an omega who needs de-flouring, three men who make sure all things rise to the occasion, a chicken with more names than any critter needs, two stubborn bakers who know how to bring the knotty heat, and a special bun in the oven that will not be delivered via a truck. 


It was more than just a secret.

Hank Mapplethorpe is hiding something big. When he meets the young and defiant Noah Palmer at a party, he wonders if he should finally let that secret go. That’s when he sees Adam Newton, a mysterious and famous photographer, known for his subversive imagery.

Hank never felt comfortable with other guys, so he decides to stay away from them both. He has secrets. Too many to count. Although the two alphas claim to understand him, they need to know one thing: Hank gave up looking for love a long time ago.

“The best love is made in threes…”

Adam and Noah know all about desire. Dark impulses keep them awake at night, and the pleasures that society won’t accept, they refuse to let go. So when Hank decides to take off his robe and show the world who he really is, they fall for him hard.

Love wasn’t supposed to come this easy, but the three of them want more. There’s only one way to the heart, but they never expected a love triangle as deep as this. If Hank finds the strength to come out, can he discover love in the arms of two men?

Omega in Lace is a full-length MMM gay romance novel with a dash of mpreg. It is a 45,000 word omegaverse book. This novel contains hot and sexy leather action & some menage scenes, passionate angst & desire, and a HEA – a beautiful baby to keep you smiling for days. This mpreg romance is meant for 18+ readers.

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