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It's Monday, and that means MPREG!!!!

It's Mpreg Monday 6-25-2018 AND on the docket today we have…

  1. Behind the scenes content and/or Special Previews: Chapter 12 of To Love & Protect His Omega uploaded. It is also live for pre-order on Kindle, iBooks & Nook! I'm still waiting for Kobo, Google Play, Scribd and Smashwords. Also putting up a paperback. Exciting! 
  2. Featured Review: From Lee Evans Jr. about Alpha Blaze! Yay!
  4. Books! Books! Books! (on the right): New Mpreg books I've discovered and am reading.
  5. Something Fun: I'm going to be one of many awesome authors participating in a Facebook Party on June 30th! You can see me and win stuff at 10pm. But I'm only one of a truly ALL-STAR list including, Susi Hawke (who comes on right after me), Xander Collins, Giovanna Reaves, Lorelei Hart, Kiki Burrelli, and so many more. This starts at 1pm and ends at 11p, so drop in and join the fun! There's also a grand prize. WOW! 

To Love and Protect - Chapters 1-12 + one partial chapter from the cutting room floor are up in the Reading Room!

WARNING: Earlier chapters are just betaed but not fully proofed. This is a security measure so I know if someone snatches my book and uploads it as their own. I sure hope that never happens though because I love posting these chapters and getting your feedback! 

We have a new Book Page Now and it's updated with blurbs and fun!!!! Now you can easily find ALL of the free chapters in one place ~ YAY!

Chapter 12 is where we get some smexy-times in person! It's definitely NSFW. 

Here's the first paragraph:

Though Liam wanted Gunnar's hands on him, had fantasized about it since their first phone call, Liam still hadn't known if he would be bold or foolhardy enough to invite the alpha inside. But now, with Gunnar so close, his scent making every touch tingle with an additional promise, Liam had no room for fear. He wanted Gunnar.


You can read Chapters 1-11 (and the bonus partial chapter) of  Love and Protect, Book 1 HERE 🙂

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Featured Review
*THANK YOU* Lee Evans Jr.!

I want to take a moment to highlight this wonderful review of Alpha Blaze on Amazon. Honestly, I'm just glad to hear my books get better and better, lol! Yay! 

Here's a excerpt from the review:

To start off I just want to say that I have read all 3 of the previous books published by this author and each book she has written has gotten better and better. Mind you, I really like all the books, but this book is the best yet! The two MCs are beautifully written, I loved Blaze from page one... and though it took me a bit longer to connect with Kevin, when I did it was intense (i.e. lots of tears)....
Kindle Reader
Lee Evans Jr.

You can start reading Alpha Blaze here, and it's available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. 


Two quick things:

 – I was in a blog hop this week where I answered the all important question: what are your go-to karaoke songs!

Here are mine…

-Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team
-Rock N Roll Suicide by David Bowie
-Body Electric from the Fame Soundtrack
-Gin and Juice by Snoop Doggy Dogg.

 Now show me yours…

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And if you missed me and the other great authors that were featured, go check out the below links!  

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Also, just in case you've missed it, Omega Sacrifice is now available on Nook, Kobo & iBooks in addition to Kindle. I'm also getting it up on Smashwords and Google Play. 

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That's it! Thanks for reading Mpreg Monday! 

Feel free to leave a comment below if there's anything else you'd like to see in this newsletter and what you loved! 


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Quinn's Bookshelf

An Omega in danger. A fiercely protective Alpha. An ancient enemy out for blood. 

Adam Nelson, a handsome rabbit Omega, is nursing a broken heart. Hoping to heal someplace quiet and peaceful, he stays with his grandmother. He plans on spending his days gardening and helping around the house. One day, when Adam and his grandmother are out for a leisurely coffee, they're threatened by Zoltan McMurtry, a dangerous vampire who's still hung up on an ancient family feud. Sure enough, one of his thug vampire associates tries to make good on the threat, and though he's thwarted, Zoltan vows to settle the feud once and for all. 

How will Adam protect them both from this mortal enemy? 

Wolf shifter and Alpha, Garrett Owens, is the most eligible bachelor in town. His father, the patriarch and head of the family business, has already picked out a mate for him based on business connections. However, when Garrett meets Adam there’s an undeniable attraction. He knows he's going to have to disappoint his father and follow his heart. Garrett also knows Adam, and Adam's grandmother, are in danger. He vows to protect them at all costs. 

Can Garrett save them and get the happily ever after he so longs for? 

This 43,000 word story is full of steamy, knotty love, action, and babies galore! It features a fierce, alpha wolf and an adorable rabbit omega in need of protection and rescue. First book in a new series! Although part of a series, it most definitely can be read alone!

Come check out our awesome Facebook group! We'd love to have you!

Liam and Jake’s story begins on St. Patrick’s Day in a town where the people thrive as long as the rose bushes blossom.

Spending a weekend together changes their lives, though the path to happiness is littered with a lot of thorns. But as the alpha and omega form a bond and become a family, a threat from Jake’s former life sends them spinning around the globe.

As the pair crawl through the surrounding grime and corruption, love sustains them in spite of the fear that shadows everything they do.

One final journey, taken separately, leads them full circle back to each other and to a part of their past.

And in the end, a rose signals the way forward.

The books in this trilogy are:
The Omega’s Challenge
The Omega’s Promise
The Omega’s Triumph


Susi Hawke - Alpha's Manny