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Mondays can be tough. How about some Mpreg?!

It's Mpreg Monday 5-21-2018! My goal is to brighten up your Monday by starting your week with MPREG, including:

  1. Behind the scenes content and/or Special Previews: Today I've gotten Chapter 5 o To Love and Protect cleaned up and on the site. Also made some critical corrections to Chapter 4 – namely, no more zombie dog! 
  2. Featured Review: A review or piece of feedback this week that I've really loved. This week came from Allie on Amazon.
  3. Book News: This is your last day to get Omega Shadow for 99c in the US and UK! 
  4. Books! Books! Books! (on the right): New Mpreg books I've discovered and am reading.
  5. Something Fun: Join the conversation – What your favorite Trope? For example, I love any book with a character who has amnesia. Share your fave trope on FB group or with me via email. Scroll down to learn more 🙂

To Love and Protect - Chapters 1-5 are up in the Reading Room! And yes, Lucky did rise from the dead... (oops)

WARNING: This book is so fresh out of my hard drive, it doesn't even have a real title yet. And  as I warned you, my zero drafts are chock-full of issues because I don't always write in order.  

This one is EPIC! 

You might have noticed that Lucky, Liam's dog, rose from the dead in Chapter 4.

Did you catch it? I sure didn't on my first pass.  (I have fixed this now, lol)

I was looking back over what I had posted of the work in progress last night in bed (just to make sure that things were flowing well), and I realized that in Chapter 4, when I decided I wanted Lucky to still be alive in the book, I hadn't changed it in Chapter 2. So Liam travels cross-country with Lucky's ashes, and then magically, two chapters later, it's a living dog! 

These are be fun perils of reading one of my works in progress. Now you know the sort of things my beta readers, ARC readers and editor catch me out on.

I've posted Chapter 5 of  Love and Protect, Book 1 today. READ IT HERE 🙂

For everyone reading this from my newsletter email list, I realize I've been sending out way too many emails lately, and I'm fixing that. You may love me, but you probably don't want to hear from me every day… (and I don't blame you.) 

From now on, in order to stop incessantly sending you emails with new chapters, I will simply do a chapter round up of what has been posted to the site on Thursdays (and I'll mention new updates in the Monday newsletter). If you want to know about chapters as they come up, just sign up for a membership on the site. 

In regards to sales and discounts, I will be sending these out on Thursdays in my  roundup email, and occasionally on one weekend day with an either Saturday or Sunday Spotlight email. (if I have something to spotlight.) 

Again,  if you want to know when a chapter is posted the moment it is posted, I recommend getting a free membership on the website. This will also give you access to later chapters of my books and the opportunity to comment.

For example, if you had noticed that Lucky had risen from the dead, you could have told me and gotten a shout out in my acknowledgments.

I think I'm going to name this dog, Lucky “Lazarus” Justice.

You can also preorder To Love and Protect Book 1 directly from me here at a 20% Discount. The preorder book will work on your Kindle, Nook, Android, computer screen,  printer & iPhone.  (as a note this book keeps getting longer and longer, and I'm probably going to raise the final price to $6.99, so the preorder really is your best value.) 

Featured Review
*THANK YOU* Allie!

I want to take a moment to highlight this wonderful review from Allie of Omega Shadow. This one was short and sweet, and I'm highlighting it because I want you all to know that the next book in this series is definitely happening, and it's going to be a doozy. So far, we've got wildfires, a cult, and some really great slow burn romance (weird for shifters, but it makes sense.) 

Here's a excerpt from the review:

Loving the series hoping there's more to come as Devons pack still has a long way to go before they leave their antiquated ideas behind and live in the present.

I am always hoping to leave readers wanting more, and I'm glad to have succeeded here! 

If you thought this review was great too and want to give it some love, just click here 🙂


Three quick things:

 – Today is the last day to get Omega Shadow for 99c on Kindle US and Kindle UK. Learn more, read an excerpt, and grab it here

 – Omega Sacrifice has come out of Kindle Unlimited, so I'll be posting chapters of the book weekly here to read for free! If you know someone who might be interested in my work, please feel free to share my website URL with them via email or posting to your social media!  Copy/Paste Link:

 – I will be publishing Omega Sacrifice this week on Gumroad, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, and if I can figure out how to do it, Google Play. I'm really excited to be able to share my books on more platforms, and also just to have the chance to post them here so I can get your feedback. This has been a fun process so far!


What's Your Favorite Mpreg Trope?

We've had a really active conversation going about favorite Mpreg Tropes on the Facebook Group, and in case you haven't visited, I wanted to share the link to the post here. Feel free to add your own thoughts or just read what others have said 🙂 And if you're not a FB person but just want to share your thoughts, just leave a comment below (or use the contact form if you want to send me an email)! 

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That's it! Thanks for reading Mpreg Monday, and I sure hope you enjoy the new site! 

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When paralegal omega Ryan is moved onto his crush's team, it was only a matter of time before the law office rule of no employee dating was broken.

Now, as Ryan's boss, wealthy alpha law firm partner Marcus has a secret pregnancy and relationship with Ryan to hide or they'll both lose their jobs.

But the secret pregnancy is the least of their problems when Ryan's ultra conservative parents find out…

Workplace unresolved tension. A forbidden romance. An unplanned pregnancy. Can a commitment-phobic alpha and a reluctant omega seize their chance at happiness?  

Lawyer's Secret Omega is a 64,000 word non-shifter mpreg romance with a secret pregnancy, secret relationship, surprise wedding, an Alpha to the rescue, time with the adorable baby, steamy times in the boss's office and HEA.

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Past mistakes have a way of catching up with you—just ask Jake Gibson.

After receiving a proposal from his mate, Liam, a very pregnant Jake is forced to fess up about his past. In his usual alpha way, Liam comes up with a solution, but the more he hears from the omega, the more he realizes he can’t fix this on his own.

And there’s an impatient baby who’s eager to meet both parents, and the little one doesn’t care if there’s a snow storm raging or an unexpected visitor terrifies both the alpha and omega.

Liam and Jake confront an unpleasant reality, and the alpha in particular wonders if their relationship has been built on lies.

This is a 23,000-word non-shifter, mpreg novella, and it is the second of three books in the Roselake series.

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An omega looking to start a family and an alpha physician wary of involvement unite in this full-length steamy, mpreg, second chance romance novel.

I’m ready for a baby, but haven’t found the right alpha. Most of them are alpha-holes, and I’m tired of waiting. I don’t expect to meet a great guy when I go in to discuss my options to get pregnant without a partner, but one of the doctors in the practice is hot and seems different from the alphas I’ve met in the past. I risk letting Donovan in and start thinking about a future, but then he ghosts me. He doesn’t return calls or messages, so I give up, figuring it’s over—until I find out I’m carrying his baby. He seems to want to be involved with our child, but how can I trust him again?
Lachlan is the perfect omega. I get close way too fast, at first ignoring my personal rule of doing no harm to my own heart. Watching my fathers’ marriage splinter has left me wary of involvement, and I don’t do long-term. When I realize I’m falling for Lachlan, I run until I find out I’m going to be a father. I only have a few months to convince Lachlan I can change, and figure out how to do that, while watching out for my omega and our unborn child.