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Mondays can be tough. How about some Mpreg?!

It's Mpreg Monday 5-14-2018! My goal is to brighten up your Monday by starting your week with MPREG, including:

  1. Behind the scenes content and/or Special Previews: Today I'm unveiling the Quinn Michaels' reading room (on this website) with links to the first two chapters of my newest WIP, and updating chapters of my current books as they leave Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy! 
  2. Featured Review: A review or piece of feedback this week that I've really loved. This week came from Volha on Goodreads.
  3. Book News: This site! 
  4. Books! Books! Books! (on the right): New Mpreg books I've discovered and am reading.
  5. Something Fun: Classic Trek Mpreg! Scroll down to see it! 

New Chapters! Start Reading To Love & Protect, Chapters 1 - 2 in the Reading Room!

WARNING: This book is so fresh out of my hard drive, it doesn't even have a real title yet. I've spell checked it and done a brief look over, but I know there are still errors. Hope you love it anyway!

I intend to post new chapters of this book 2x/week (if I can), so that you can follow along with me as the book comes to life. You'll be reading my draft 0.5 (because I am cleaning up the dictation.) Be aware, I often change things on my second pass to make the book better, and I also will leave notes to myself in the first draft text between [brackets] so you'll get to experience that too as a reader, lol! 

I hope you get a kick out of seeing how a book comes to life! 

Here's a little bit about the book:

Gunnar swore to serve and protect, but he couldn't save the omega he loved…

Police Detective, Gunnnar swore and oath to serve and protect, but he couldn't save the one closest to him. Now he's a single alpha dad raising an 8-year-old daughter. But when they adopt a sick kitten, will a hot veterinarian with his own secrets offer a second chance at love?

Pursued by a relentless stalker, omega veterinarian, Liam, packs up his entire life and moves across the country to start over. He has lost faith in romance and instead devotes his new life to saving his animal patients. But when a handsome alpha detective and his daughter come into Liam's exam room with a kitten who needs a miracle, will Liam give romance a second chance?

Can these two men overcome their pasts to make a family together? Even as a final threat from Liam's past threatens not only their relationship, but their lives.

Read Chapters [1 – 2] in the Reading Room! 

I'll be posting more chapters this week, so if you like it and want to read more, be sure to click the Join Us tab at the top of the page and get your free membership. 

You can also preorder this book directly from me here at a 20% Discount. The preorder book will work on your Kindle, Nook, Android, computer screen,  printer & iPhone. It is scheduled for release on 6/14 via preorder and will be live on 6/17 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks & Kobo. 

Featured Review
*THANK YOU* Volha!
"Review Snippet

I want to take a moment to highlight this wonderful Goodreads review from Volha of Alpha Blaze. I'm so excited to have lit the sheets on fire with his book! I'm always hoping the sex scenes work, and it's so great to hear when they do! 

Here's a excerpt from the review:

"Kevin and Blaze were HOT TOGETHER like LIGHT YOUR SHEETS ON FIRE HOT! I loved those moments between them. And the cute fest sometimes didn't hurt either. The situation with the pack is not a new one but this one was well written and the presence of the gators was a nice touch. I loved the ending because it was sweet and full of hope."

I am so thrilled Volha enjoyed the book so much, and it's so exciting when your sexytime scenes hit the right note

If you thought this review was great too and want to give it some love, just click here 🙂


To be honest, the best and most exciting book news I have now is the Reading Room on this site! Especially my WIP, which you can read here. Building this website was an intense process, and I seriously didn't do much else. But I'll have more actual news next week! In the meantime, please look around this site and let me know what you think! It was a labor of love!

Wait, and one more thing ~ I'm taking my next book (the WIP you're reading along with I hope) to Nook, Kobo, iBooks & Scribd in addition to Kindle! This means that the book will not be in Kindle Unlimited. I'm sad about that, but I'm hoping to get a chance to share my books with more readers by offering them on more platforms. 


I posted this to the Facebook group some time ago, but did you know Mpreg in the US can be dated back as far as Star Trek ToS fandom? Here's a pic of some Captain Kirk mpreg. 

Star Trek via Pinterest

I posted this to the Facebook group some time ago, but did you know Mpreg in the US can be dated back as far as Star Trek ToS fandom? Here's a pic of some Captain Kirk Mpreg (via: 

That's it! Thanks for reading Mpreg Monday, and I sure hope you enjoy the new site! 

Quinn's Bookshelf

Two Omegas. One kiss. And an Alpha who wasn’t supposed to see it happen…

I’m supposed to be an author, but I haven’t finished a book in years. Not since things got out of control. So, to hopefully get back on my feet, I move to a new city, start teaching at college and suddenly find myself intrigued by two Omegas that pass me by every morning.
One day, on a whim, I follow them and see something I shouldn’t have seen. A kiss. A beautiful kiss. And it’s the start of a journey I never expected to make…

I fled from the arranged marriage my parents set up for me and I was ready to give up on love entirely, and then my best friend saved his younger Omega brother, Wes, from a bad situation and suddenly I was falling, head over heels. It’s amazing to be at Wes’ side and to see him flourish, even if our relationship is a little complicated, we’re making it work. Maybe love isn’t so bad after all.
What I hadn’t counted on was the Alpha walking into the cafe, and the way my eyes keep getting drawn to him…

After my brother saved me from my abusive ex, I’m getting my feet back under me. I’m finally doing the things I was never able to do, like having a job and going to college. It’s not easy to combine it with caring for my four children. But with my Omega boyfriend Zeke and my brother’s family at my side, we make it work, they’re all the people I’ll ever need.
Until, one morning, an Alpha walks into the cafe that I work at, and he asks Zeke and me out on a date, together…

This volume includes the first four novellas in the Omegas’ Destined Alpha series: The Baristas’ Surprise, The Alpha’s Mistake, The Mates’ Choice and The Family’s Threat.

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Past mistakes have a way of catching up with you—just ask Jake Gibson.

After receiving a proposal from his mate, Liam, a very pregnant Jake is forced to fess up about his past. In his usual alpha way, Liam comes up with a solution, but the more he hears from the omega, the more he realizes he can’t fix this on his own.

And there’s an impatient baby who’s eager to meet both parents, and the little one doesn’t care if there’s a snow storm raging or an unexpected visitor terrifies both the alpha and omega.

Liam and Jake confront an unpleasant reality, and the alpha in particular wonders if their relationship has been built on lies.

Despite their lives unraveling, Liam and Jake’s desire for one another simmers just below the surface until the omega makes a decision and the passion that brought them together ignites.

But as the pair fight to keep their family together, someone Jake knows threatens to tear them apart.

This is a 23,000-word non-shifter, mpreg novella, and it is the second of three books in the Roselake series.

Looking for great mpreg books, 4-star and above? Check out!