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It's Mpreg Monday 04-01-2019 ~ 5-Book Shifter Mpreg Collection, Book Recs & Something Fun!

  1. New Release: Missed any of my shifter books? Check out the new 5-Book Shifter Mpreg Collection.
  2. Books! Books! Books!: New Mpreg books I've discovered and am reading. 
  3. Something Fun:  A shifter mpreg pic! 


New Release: 5-Book Shifter Mpreg Collection!

I am so excited to share with you this new collection of my Shifter Mpreg books!  If you've missed any of them, you can read more them all in one place, and for 49% off! 

Here's a little bit about the books:

FIVE GREAT BOOKS ~ Over 600 pages of action-packed Mpreg!5-Book Shifter Mpreg Collection Cover

Book 1 – Omega Shelter: One is missing. One is pregnant. One will die.

If there was such thing as a “by the book werewolf,” Mark was it. But when he sets off alone into a dangerous storm to find a missing cub, what Mark finds will challenge his assumptions, his rules, and the future he's planned for himself. Will Mark put it all on the line for an omega who, by right, isn't his to claim?

Gale drew his thin lips back in the echo of a wolf snarl. In his hand he gripped a bloody switchblade. He'd used it before. He'd use it again if the stranger tried to send Gale back to his abusive mate. But something about the strong, sensuous alpha wolf in front of him made Gale feel safe. Cherished. Wanted. And that scared Gale most of all.

Omega Shelter is a fast-paced, satisfying mpreg omega werewolf romance that will leave you hot and bothered with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Book 2 – Omega Sacrifice: Will he sacrifice his alpha to save his mate?

An alpha of the Pine Creek Lake pack killed Devon's father and kidnapped his omega. Now Angus, the alpha of the Blackcreek pack, has vowed revenge. But when Devon joins his grandfather to see that justice is done, he will be forced to question everything he's ever known. When is murder revenge, and when is it justice? And is vengeance worth sacrificing his shot at a mate and happiness?

Seeing the love of his life choose another, Zeke faces a bleak future as an omega with no hope of a mate. But when he stumbles into the arms of a strange and handsome alpha, is this a second chance at love for Zeke? Or will he be cast aside again in the name of revenge?

Omega Sacrifice is a fast-paced, satisfying mpreg omega werewolf romance that will leave you hot and bothered with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Book 3 – Omega Shadow: One is accused. One is betrayed. One is a killer.

Midwife-apprentice, Kyle's sheltered world is shattered when a patient's mate flies into a murderous rage and attacks him. Kyle is rescued by a handsome alpha visitor, but as attraction blazes between the two men, and they fall into each other's dreams, what starts as lust becomes something impossible. Kyle is a beta. He can't be an alpha's true mate. And yet, what else explains their connection?

Pine Creek Lake alpha, Shadow isn't looking for his true mate when he stumbles across a beta being attacked in the middle of the night. But when a simple rescue reveals a chain of possible murders, Shadow must learn the truth about the man in his dreams before it's too late. Something is driving alphas in the Blackcreek pack to rage and die young. Is Kyle as ignorant as he pretends, or is he hiding a dangerous secret?

As Kyle and Shadow work together to discover the truth, both men are forced to question their deepest assumptions about themselves and each other. Are they fated mates? Is Kyle living a lie? And when the truth is revealed, will Kyle have the courage to face it before Shadow suffers the same death as the others?

Find out in Omega Shadow, Book 3 of the Pine Creek Lake Den series, an action-packed Mpreg romance with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Book 4 – Omega Challenge: One is forsworn. One is forsaken. One will pay.

Noah and Luther are in love. The problem, Luther is a beta, Noah is an omega, and their mating is forbidden. Worse, if Noah can't find an acceptable alpha in the next three days, he will have no choice but to mate with Raymond, an alpha he despises.

Then Arthur arrives, and everything falls apart.

Arthur is an alpha with a secret. He and his mother were betrayed, and both wear the mark of it. Now, Arthur will stop at nothing to make the alpha who cursed them pay. Now, with revenge in his teeth, Arthur's own body betrays him. Twice. Will Arthur sacrifice love and happiness for vengeance? Or will he choose another path?

Find out in Omega Challenge an action-packed Omegaverse romance. This is a short book set prior to the events of the other three books of the Pine Creek Lake series.

If you love shifters, mmm menage, alpha, omega, and beta dynamics, adventure, magic, and a touch of mpreg, grab Omega Challenge now!

Book 5 – Alpha Blaze: Both will betray the pack. Can they save each other?

In the Louisiana bayou, the bond between alpha and omega burns hot and dangerous.

Kevin was a beautiful contradiction of vulnerability and fury wrapped in pure sex appeal.

It was all I could do to hold my wolf in check. If I pushed too hard, I'd lose. I couldn't afford to lose Kevin. Already, this omega had become precious. I hadn't come here to find a mate. That didn't matter. The omega was mine and I was his, whether we liked it or not.

His name was Blaze, and Kevin was playing with fire.

Our eyes met. It was just dinner. Blaze kept to the boundaries of our agreement, but I wanted more. I'd never felt this way about an alpha. Blaze was everything I wanted and everything I couldn't have.

Alpha Blaze is an action-packed mpreg romance novel of 64,000 words with hot werewolf bikers, bad language, smutty-times, knotting, and men who get pregnant. Warning: this book contains a tough-as-nails omega struggling to overcome a painful past (incl. rape trauma and miscarriage) and a strong, sensitive alpha who will do anything to win his omega's heart.

If you love your mpreg romance with a dollop of angst and a healthy helping of action, start reading Alpha Blaze today!

You can grab it at the below links:

*THANK YOU* Vale Valley Readers!

I'm so happy so many of you loved A Holiday Magic Mixup book so much! Some featured reviews are below. You rock!!!


I just thought this fit the shifter mpreg vibe. What do you think? 

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Quinn's Bookshelf


A sassy, funny omega looking for his mate and his muse…

Betrayed by his love and dropped from his record deal, musician Ishmael Ivory escaped five years ago to the middle of nowhere, Oregon, to start over. Since then, he's lost his inspiration for music, and he can't compose. To mask his pain, he's become the life of the party in the small town of Orchard Ridge.

When Damien Burns hires Ishmael as a music teacher for his nephew, the whirlwind romance that follows hits all the right notes. Even Ishmael's long-dormant musical inspiration has returned. But with love comes a high chance of heartbreak, and his reputation around town threatens to ruin everything. Can he convince Damien to give their relationship a fighting chance?

A devoted single dad alpha in over his head…

Straight-laced accountant Damien Burns is new in town. The organized, disciplined alpha constantly strives to better himself, but he struggles with his biggest challenge yet: taking care of his young orphaned nephew, Peter. Unfortunately, Peter's new piano instructor, Ishmael Ivory, is too irresistible to keep at a respectable distance.

Damien has too much on his plate to even think about finding a mate, but his instant connection with the charismatic omega leads him to make some irresponsible choices–and he fears his rash behavior and its consequences might end up hurting his little nephew.

Will he and Ishmael risk everything to forge a future together? Can Damien learn to trust something as instinctual and uncharted as his own heart?

Come check out our awesome Facebook group! We'd love to have you!


Two jealous alphas, one omega. Very wrong, or very right?

Arthur’s job as private security is a breeze. As an ex-Navy Seal there’s no situation he can’t handle—that is, until he catches his boyfriend with another man. Convinced true love is not for him, he heads to The White Swallow bar for some action. Instead, he catches a scent that turns his world upside down. 

Sid should be complete, but he’s not. He’s his own boss, runs a successful taco stand, but success is nothing without a good mate by your side! He never expected to find love at The White Swallow (who does?) and is floored when he smells his fated-mate. There’s just one problem; the beautiful boy already has a man!

Two fated-mates? 

Ollie can’t believe what’s happening. He was barely scraping by, working and living at The White Swallow, when he smelled Arthur. There was no doubt in his mind the alpha was his fated-mate. They spent a mind-blowing night together, and Ollie knew he was the one—that is, until he met Sid. 

The scents don’t lie. 

Both of the Adonis alphas are meant for Ollie, but how can that be? Two alphas for one omega? To make matters worse, the boys hate each other and both want Ollie for themselves. 

Will the alphas be able to put aside the differences and learn to share? Or will their jealousy get the best of them and ruin the rest of their lives? 


A forbidden love that neither can ignore

Kicked out by his mother, Harris—college freshman and impala shifter—goes to live with his aunt in Morningwood, a town unlike any other. 

Morningwood is home to a menagerie of shifters from the wolves and lions of Predator Point, to the fun-loving cows and horses in Barnyard Court, and everything else Harris could possibly imagine. 

In the normie world, Harris had to hide who he was, but in Morningwood, they celebrate their animal differences. He’s excited to start his new life, and first on the list is continuing his education at the only university in town.

Morningwood is also home to Andrew Boothe, alpha puma shifter, teacher and dean of Morningwood University. From first sight, sparks fly between Harris and Andrew. They know they must deny their attraction but their inner beasts will not be ignored. No matter how forbidden, love finds a way. 

Gingerbred Lessons is the first book in the Welcome to Morningwood Omegaverse series. It features a first time, age gap romance that may not jingle everyone’s bells.