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Alpha Blaze - Chapter 3

Blurb for Alpha Blaze:  Both will betray the pack. Can they save each other?

In the Louisiana bayou, the bond between alpha and omega burns hot and dangerous.

Kevin was a beautiful contradiction of vulnerability and fury wrapped in pure sex appeal.

It was all I could do to hold my wolf in check. If I pushed too hard, I'd lose. I couldn't afford to lose Kevin. Already, this omega had become precious. I hadn’t come here to find a mate. That didn’t matter. The omega was mine and I was his, whether we liked it or not.

His name was Blaze, and Kevin was playing with fire.

Our eyes met. It was just dinner. Blaze kept to the boundaries of our agreement, but I wanted more. I’d never felt this way about an alpha. Blaze was everything I wanted and everything I couldn’t have.

Alpha Blaze is an action-packed mpreg romance novel of 64,000 words with hot werewolf bikers, bad language, smutty-times, knotting, and men who get pregnant. Warning: this book contains a tough-as-nails omega struggling to overcome a painful past (incl. rape trauma and miscarriage) and a strong, sensitive alpha who will do anything to win his omega’s heart.

If you love your mpreg romance with a dollop of angst and a healthy helping of action, start reading Alpha Blaze today!

Alpha Blaze - Chapter 3

Note – This is a (very short) partial chapter. When Alpha Blaze leaves Kindle Unlimited on July 26th, I will be able to post the rest of this chapter and the rest of the other chapters of the book to to the site.  

I didn’t sleep well. Dreams of Blaze’s teeth on my nipples and his cock in my ass woke me twice, aching and hard. I jerked off. Twice. At false dawn, I gave up and got out of bed. It was early enough for a run.

My house was on the Bayou, isolated. I stepped out onto the porch and shed my clothes, folding them up on the rocking chair before I shifted. I padded down the stairs and into the wild, my paws sinking into the mud as dawn's light filtered through the foliage above. Early in the morning, humidity hung in the air, but it wasn't yet oppressive. I enjoyed the thick loam of scents that was my home. I ran, leaping from logs to ground, skirting the waters that the gators floated atop, their mouths open and waiting for prey.

The gators didn't bother me. We were all predators, and when I needed them, they had done their work.

I ran for close to an hour, as much to erase the memory of Blaze’s scent and touch from my mind as for the joy of being a wolf. When I returned, my muscles ached, and my skin was splattered with mud. I showered and changed into what I considered my uniform: a short-sleeved, white button-down shirt and khakis. I knew it annoyed my uncle, as the Scions were a biker pack, and I insisted on dressing like a young professional just out of the college he had refused to let me attend except for the occasional online course. A pair of hippie sandals and a satchel completed my look.

I didn't see Blaze again that morning or afternoon. Not in the office, where I stopped and entered a few things into my laptop, staying until just after eleven when the other wolves began to stir, some popping their heads in the door for their stipends, or to flirt with me, or just to make a general nuisance of themselves.

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen, cooking, working, and definitely not waiting for Blaze. I looked up at every noise, caught between the fear and hope that I would see him again. Have him bug me about the dinner and date that I had already decided to refuse. But he didn't show. That was for the best. I neither needed nor wanted an alpha. Especially not him.

Just before dinner, I got one visitor, Jeremy, and he was much worse than Blaze. Jeremy had at least ten years on me, a large beer belly, and an ass to match. He wore his leathers even on the hottest days, so he was always sweating, and he always smelled of cigar smoke. “Sweet Kevie,” he said, grinning with uneven teeth. “Red wants you at the club tonight.”

That was never good news. A flurry of fears rushed through my mind, each worse than the last. Maybe Red had heard about what happened with Blaze yesterday. But what had even happened? Nothing worth asking to see me about. At most, Red might have warned Blaze off, which made sense since he hadn't been around today. Red wouldn't have invited me to the club about that.

Maybe he'd learned about the money I was siphoning off? A cold break of fear settled in my gut. But if Red had figured that out, he wouldn't have asked me to go to the club either. He only brought me to the club when he had reason to show me off, warn me or, occasionally, because there was some piece of pack business that he wanted me to learn with the rest of the wolves.

My third fear, that Red had once again decided to choose for me a mate, was one I really couldn't contemplate.

“Sweet Kevin! Are you listening?” Jeremy tapped his knuckles on my forehead. “Earth to spaceman Kevin.” He started laughing, like he had cracked a joke. Jeremy had laughed at me in the dark too, while banging an iron stick against the bars of my cage.

Fuck. I couldn’t think about that. Not now.

I forced a smile. “I got it. What time?”

“Nine o'clock. You're so sweet, Kevin. If I can get a taste of your sugar ass, I’ll died a happy wolf.” He gave me a smarmy smile.

“Yes, you would.” I kept on smiling, but I meant it. He’d die. Happy or not. If my uncle had chosen Jeremy as my mate, there was no way I was letting the other wolf fuck me. Not me. Put his kids inside of me. I had been through that once already. Never again.

“You won't be this sassy once you have a real alpha to keep you in place.”

“Was there anything else?”

“Nine o'clock, Sweet Kevie. Try to remember your place.”

“I've got work.” I bent over my notebook, running my pencil beneath the numbers even though I honestly wasn't looking at them. I was just waiting for Jeremy to take a hint. He patted my head, ruffling my hair with his fat fingers like I was a dog. I fucking hate him. I hated all of them. The new ones, my uncle’s favorites that he had brought in after my parents died, but worse than them were the ones that I had grown up with, who I had trusted, and who, through their fear and obedience, had betrayed me.

I got through the rest of the afternoon by trying not to think too much about the club tonight. The numbers, even rows and columns that if you went through the steps one by one always added up the same, were a comfort.

My uncle didn't have the patience for those kinds of details. Red didn't notice or care about a dollar lost here or discrepancy of twenty or thirty dollars there. As long as he had enough money for his own vices and to show off to the other wolves, and as long as he thought me cowed, I could slowly, penny by penny, forge my own path to freedom. I had $73,412.14. Thirty thousand in cash. The rest was spread across fifteen accounts in six countries. I had a new passport, and the birth certificate and Social Security number of a teen, two years younger than me, who had died in a car accident in Nebraska. Now all I needed was to die.

I’d been scared to take the last step. Scared of failing, scared of not having enough blood saved up to make it realistic, of screwing up the timing, and scared that even if I did succeed and start my new life, that I’d just end up in a worse situation with a worse alpha, lacking even the dubious protection of my uncle and his wolves.

I'd been a coward and a fool.

When I got to the bar, appropriately named Hades’ Claw, the parking lot was already full. A line of Harleys was parked in the spaces by the bar’s entrance. There was a smattering of other cars as well. A bright red convertible Ferrari that screamed ‘inappropriate midlife crisis,’ a couple of pickup trucks, and a smattering of imports. I owned a bike, one my alpha dad and I had worked on when I was a kid, but I didn't bring it here. I drove up in my clunker: a four-door Honda, navy, with the left, back door dented to the point it couldn’t open without a strong pull, and mismatched bumpers. It was an ugly car, and that's why liked it. Nobody gave a shit about you when you drove an ugly car.

After pulling into a space at the far edge of the lot, I leaned over to the passenger side door and checked the lock. My car was manual. It was cheaper. And I'd seen one too many movies with a family driving into a river and not being able to get out.

I closed the door, slipped the key into the lock and once that was done, I knew I couldn't stall anymore.

“Just breathe, Kevin.” I reminded myself. Chances were my uncle just wanted to show off something to the whole pack. As long as it wasn't me, I didn't care.

I’d dressed basic: black T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket on my arm with the emblem of the Scion gang. I couldn't get away without that. Not here. I put it on as I crossed the lot, the thick Louisiana heat blossoming sweat across my brow and neck. The jacket was heavy enough to blunt a punch, and it would slow down a knife or claw, but not a bullet.

In the open space between the motorcycles and a second row mixed with motorcycles and cars, two groups of bikers, neither of the pack, were squaring off against each other. It was probably going to end in a fight. I wanted nothing with that either.

“Fuck you, bitch!” One of the men yelled.

“Who you calling a bitch?”

I gave both groups a wide birth as I headed for the entrance. Jeremy leaned on the wall next to the bouncer, Wild Boar. Wild Boar had three claw marks across his face and one over his eye slanting just below the ridge of his nose. The second started on his left cheek and arced downward, marring the corner of his upper lip. He'd earn them in a pack battle a year ago, which had moved him into the inner circle. It made me wonder why he was standing out here now, watching the door.

“Kevin, good. Red was expecting you a bit earlier.”

Cold fear settled in my guts. Red had been expecting me, specifically. This wasn't good. “Red said nine.” I looked at my watch. It was 8:50 PM.

“Red likes things when the he likes them. Or a bit before.” Jeremy took a drag of his cigarette. His cheeks glistened, and I could smell his desire in his sweat. “Sweet Kev, how about I show you back?”

“I know where I'm going.”

“But there are so many wolves. They’ll eat you up.” Jeremy ran his tongue over his lips and smiled.

“Go fuck yourself,” I said. It was feigned bravado. Jeremy could break me like a dried twig. But if I acted like I knew that, then what little caution he had around me because of what had happened to Caleb would be gone, and I would have to deal with more than just his words.

What if my uncle wanted me to mate with Jeremy?

No, if my uncle had wanted me to mate with Jeremy, he would have dropped a hint of some kind by now. It was probably something about the pack’s money. Or just Red wanting to show off his omega.

The faster I got through with this, the faster I'd be able to get out of here.

“All right, go on in. Red’s in the VIP suite.” Wild Boar chuckled…

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