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Alpha Blaze - Chapter 2

Blurb for Alpha Blaze:  Both will betray the pack. Can they save each other?

In the Louisiana bayou, the bond between alpha and omega burns hot and dangerous.

Kevin was a beautiful contradiction of vulnerability and fury wrapped in pure sex appeal.

It was all I could do to hold my wolf in check. If I pushed too hard, I'd lose. I couldn't afford to lose Kevin. Already, this omega had become precious. I hadn’t come here to find a mate. That didn’t matter. The omega was mine and I was his, whether we liked it or not.

His name was Blaze, and Kevin was playing with fire.

Our eyes met. It was just dinner. Blaze kept to the boundaries of our agreement, but I wanted more. I’d never felt this way about an alpha. Blaze was everything I wanted and everything I couldn’t have.

Alpha Blaze is an action-packed mpreg romance novel of 64,000 words with hot werewolf bikers, bad language, smutty-times, knotting, and men who get pregnant. Warning: this book contains a tough-as-nails omega struggling to overcome a painful past (incl. rape trauma and miscarriage) and a strong, sensitive alpha who will do anything to win his omega’s heart.

If you love your mpreg romance with a dollop of angst and a healthy helping of action, start reading Alpha Blaze today!

Alpha Blaze - Chapter 2

My body betrayed me. I should've known Blaze was there the moment he entered the room. The books weren’t that compelling. But something in me didn’t recognize the threat he posed. Didn’t even note his existence until I heard the scrape of his shoe on the tile floor. What little safety I had was wound up in my ability to make myself useful, to make myself invisible, and to always know what was going on around me. Yet Blaze had been standing there, staring at me long enough to work up a sweat.


The name suited him. He had fire in his gaze. Ambition. A certain ruthlessness that my uncle enjoyed. Blaze was big. Big boned and built like a concrete slab of sculpted muscle. He had a hint of wolf to his features, even when he was in human form. Thick eyebrows, sharp brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a smudge of stubble along his jaw. He was attractive, and into me, which I could see and smell.

“Dinner is at six.”

It was five. I doubted that declaration would make him go away, not if the kitchen’s oppressive heat hadn't, which judging by the sheen of sweat on his face, neck and forearms, he had endured for at least a few minutes.

I glanced over at the large pots bubbling on the stove, a weapon if needed, and then back at him as he said, “I need help with these receipts.” He reached into his pocket as he walked to me, pulling out from his pocket a handful of receipts and two pieces of paper, folded in quarters.

“Just drop them at the office. You've been here two weeks. Someone should have told you.”

It was almost cute how Blaze rambled on, his cheeks darkening slightly as he explained how the numbers didn't match up. I took the receipts and flipped through them. No way he could be this hopeless. Well, maybe he could. Uncle Red didn't collect wolves for their intelligence. And he didn't really keep me for mine. Or at least he didn't admit it.

“All right, you've got three of the same receipt. What’d you do, print out a couple of extra copies? And the numbers don't add up from what you put in with the receivables.”

He looked surprised. His gaze flitted to the two pieces of paper, still folded up. Crap. I should've looked them over before I started talking. It was better to be underestimated. But if I looked at them now, it would only call attention to the mistake I had already made. So I kept going. “If anything, you overpaid us. So I know you're not stealing.”

“I wouldn't steal from Red.”

Then Blaze might live another week. “Good to know you have a brain underneath all of those muscles.” I put the stack of receipts on top of my other papers, in part to hide my work from his sharp gaze. Maybe he was as stupid as he was pretending, but I couldn't take that risk. I couldn't afford any risks. “I'll take care of these. Was there anything else?”

He was silent, his gaze pinning me in place like I was prey. I should've hated that. I should've been reaching into the drawer beneath the counter for one of the long-handled knives and preparing to shift. Not that either would do me much good considering the difference in size between us.

He asked, “What can I do to thank you?”

My mouth was dry. He scared me, but I was also attracted to him. That scared me even more. Was something off with my suppressants? I’d taken to buying the powders instead of drying the herbs myself to save time, and they’d come from a different company this time. Maybe I just needed to double up the dosage. I couldn't afford attraction. Blaze had betrayed his pack, and now he curried favor with my uncle. Successfully, so far. Any wolf who curried favor with my uncle was not safe for me. I wet my lips with my tongue and forced my expression to stay calm. Of course, he would smell how I felt. He was a wolf, and so was I, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing it.

“Just a thank you will be sufficient,” I said, taking care to enunciate each word. “I know you’re new here, but my uncle doesn't take kindly to wolves trying to get a leg up on his omega.” It was one of the few ways that my uncle’s possessiveness was an advantage for me. Without his protection, I would be prey to any alpha here who wanted me. And in this pack, in any pack, no matter how hard I worked to protect myself, eventually I would lose. The only safe place for an omega like me was in the grave. As far away from any wolves as possible.

A look of horror flashed over Blaze’s lupine features. He stared at me, his brown eyes flitting as he studied me. Calculating. He had definitely messed up the paperwork on purpose. To get near me? Why?

Probably a power play. That's the way alphas were, and he was an alpha.

“Red hasn't claimed…not you…?”

Or maybe he really was interested in me. As more than a gateway to power within the pack? Unlikely. His old pack probably just had better manners than ours.

I shook my head, and he looked relieved. In truth, his question didn't surprise me as much as appeared to horrify him. If my uncle had thought he could get away with claiming and putting his wolf babies inside of me, he'd have done it. But even as twisted as he was, he followed the old laws. Thank God. “My uncle has some limits,” I explained. “But that doesn't mean he won't rip the flesh from your bones if you mess with his property without his permission.”

I had given Blaze as strong a warning as I possibly could. Maybe now he would take his hot, sex on a stick gaze and his large, powerful alpha body out of my kitchen.

Blaze said, “Your uncle doesn't own you.”

I couldn't help but laugh. The sound was bitter, and the truth of it tasted bitter in my mouth. “Is that what you think? My uncle owns everyone in this pack. He's alpha, and we all have to deal with that. You stick with us, and he owns you too.”

At least Blaze had the option to leave. The only way out of this pack for me was death. Or at least the appearance of it. I'd learned the hard way that running away wouldn't help, not if my uncle knew that I was alive. If I ran, and he knew it, he would do anything to get me back. Then it would be the cage again. I shivered, the memories of that week, the bars, the rancid meat, and the shock sticks, and worse than that—worse than his laughing—the unending dark.

If I ran away again, it’d be a month.

I couldn't do it. I’d kill myself first.

Blaze asked, “What if he wasn't alpha anymore?”

I just stared. The stupidity of it. First, Blaze had betrayed his brother, his own pack, and now he’d come here expecting to betray his way to power again. As though my uncle wouldn't be planning for that. And even if Blaze was successful, what was the point of trading one captor for another? A cage was a cage. And being an omega was living in a cage. I was so close to ending it, to getting a life for myself, so long as I kept away from all wolves. It would be lonely, and who knew, the solitude might drive me mad like it had other lone wolves, but better mad than a slave.

Blaze said, “It was just a hypothetical question.”

“You shouldn't ask questions like that.”

“Probably not.”

I was so close to freedom, and yet the scent of him made me desperate to know what he tasted like. His skin. His mouth. His cock.

What was wrong with me?

Even at the height of my heats, at those times twice a year when I was forced for health to stop using the suppressive herbs and let the heat rip through me, I still didn't want an alpha. Didn't desire any other wolf. I rode it out alone. Pushed the dildo up my ass, and rocked with it, to take the edge off, sometimes weeping with embarrassment and shame at my own weakness. In a perfect world, I would never experience another heat again. And yet, with Blaze so close, I wanted him to touch me. And I hated that.

“Will you have dinner with me?” he asked.

He must've smelled my interest. My body was betraying me again with this unwanted desire. I said, deliberately misunderstanding him, “We're having gumbo tonight.”

I should've told him to fuck off. Or at least said no. Because he smiled, and stepped closer, and he touched me. His thumb brushed my cheek, and for a moment I couldn't breathe. I wanted his other hand, large and strong, on my hip, and I wanted him to kiss me. I wasn't even in heat, but my cock was hard. I hated him. I wanted him.

“I can't.” I couldn't. I wouldn't.

“Just dinner. Just you and me. What do you like on your pizza?”

His thumb traced the arc of my jawline, and then his fingers cupped the back of my neck. My cock, hard and dripping, wanted his hand on it. My wolf, the needy shit it was, wanted his cock in my ass. Wanted to know how the knot would feel. His teeth grazed my ear. Not hurting me. Just friction, and like striking a match, the touch lit a fire over my skin. “Say yes,” he demanded.

If it had been a question, I might not have had it in me to deny him. But because Blaze demanded it, I was able to remember that in spite of how good he felt, submitting to his will would only leave me shaking under his claw. “I don't date.”

Then he said, “Please.”

Please? Alphas didn't beg. Even my father, the only alpha who had never hurt me, had never begged. Blaze pushed his thigh against my cock. Hot and firm. I thrust my hips once, reveling in the friction.

“Say yes.”

Was that another demand? Or a plea? I didn't know, and I didn't really know what I wanted. Lust was blinding me. “I— I'll think about it.”

Something was wrong with me. I'd never felt this way about an alpha. And it wasn't like Blaze was some kind of hero or knight in a fantasy who wanted nothing more than to rescue me. Blaze had betrayed his pack and then cheerfully joined ours in order to get a shot at power. My body might want him, but my mind knew better. Blaze was trouble. And I had enough trouble as it was.

“I'll take care of your receipts. And your paperwork.” I needed to establish our roles again. Put some distance between us. No way would I be accepting a dinner invitation. “You give it directly to me. Now, don't you have work to do?”

I couldn't look at him. Not without wanting him and hating myself for it. Not without wondering how long it would take for the pleasure of his touch to turn to pain. And how miserable I would feel after it.

He asked, “What time should I get you for dinner?”

“I said I would think about it.”


He was an alpha. Of course he didn't understand boundaries. None of them did. “You're playing a dangerous game.”

“That's the best kind.” He smiled. A devil-may-care smile that made me want to smile back. I didn't.

“Maybe for you,” I explained. “Not all of us are lucky enough to be born alphas.” Or even betas. “Now, either do what you're going to do, or get out.”

An expression of murderous rage flashed across his face. There it was, that moment when potential pleasure turned to future pain. But just as I was processing his fury, he surprised me again. He stepped back, giving me a little space, and in a soft, almost gentle voice, said, “I was asking, nothing else.”

I didn't know what to do with that. Or his polite thank you after. Or the fact that, even after he left, I couldn't think again about anything but him. Columns of numbers blurred in my vision as the gumbo boiled. Eventually I gave up.

When I was a child, my omega father had told me fairytales about true mates. He said that I would know when I met mine. When he spoke, he’d stroke his fingers through my hair. Or sometimes, in wolf form, he would lay behind me, and I would curl up against his chest and fall asleep to his wolf-speech stories of how he and my alpha father had met and fell in love.

Their deaths, and my uncles “care” had scrubbed clean from my heart any thoughts of love, or even kindness, in mating. I didn't believe in true mates. Fairytales were for children.

I held that thought firmly in mind as I finished cooking and waited for the betas to show up and dole it out. I ate in the kitchen before the other wolves came. As I always did. The less they noticed me, the better off I was.

When I was done, I took up my notebook, my paperwork, and the receipts Blaze had left and scurried back to my car. It was a short ride back to my parent’s house—now mine—a wooden structure just off of the main road on the edge of the Bayou. I parked my car, as always, on a space I had cleared and covered in gravel at the edge of the tree line, then walked the rest of the way to the house.

I liked it out here, with only the trees and the sounds of nature to keep me company. My uncle allowed it, preferring the amenities of the lodge to my “little rustic adventure’ as he called my parents’ home. So long as I came when he called, he allowed me this small illusion of freedom.

I climbed up onto the porch, where my bike sat, covered in a large green tarp to protect it from the elements. It ran like a dream, not that I took it out much. I preferred to let the others in the pack assume that motorcycles frightened me. It gave them less reason to try and bring me along for rides. More reason to discount and ignore me, which was the best I could ask for.

Inside was one large room that served as the kitchen and living room combined. Everything was powered by a generator, which I topped up with gas when I arrived to keep powering the plumbing and lights. The oven ran on propane. The refrigerator and stove sat in the far corner opposite the door, with a large, handmade and varnished table that my omega father had built when I was a toddler in front of it. He'd made the chairs too. My alpha dad had bought the large leather sofa, and they both agreed on the record player. It sat at the bottom of the entertainment center that I had bought, along with the small HD TV atop it.

The bedrooms were upstairs, and while my parents’ was the largest and had the best view, I couldn't bring myself to move in there. So I still kept my childhood room, with the desk my bearer dad had built in the corner, and the single twin mattress which was almost a bit too narrow for me now.

I put the papers and receipts Blaze had given me on the desk. Blaze’s scent was still on them. It filled my body with a light hum of arousal that I couldn't shake. It would be another two months, at least, before I’d be forced to let myself go through heat again. I'd be dead long before that. One way or the other. I brewed up a second dose of suppressive herbs, just to be safe.

Then I sat on the edge of my bed, and from beneath it, pulled out a medical bag. It was a plain, leather satchel. Inside was an IV tube, a line of individually wrapped, seventeen-gauge needles that I had liberated from a veterinarian’s office, a rubber cord, and three empty bags left for my blood.

It had been six days since my last blood draw. As a werewolf, I healed quickly. The needle mark would be gone by tomorrow morning, and experience taught me that six days between blood draws was the minimum I could handle. If I took less time between blood draws, I would feel weak and a bit pale. So six days it was.

I tied off my arm above the left elbow and pushed the needle into my vein. Blood snaked down the tube and began to fill the bag. I would take half a pint and store it in the freezer with the rest.

When the time came for me to die, I would be prepared.

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