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Pine Creek Lake Series...

One is missing. One is pregnant. One will die.

Phoenyx Pack Series...

Both will betray the pack. Can they save each other?

Justice Brothers Series...

Will a sick kitten give this alpha cop a second chance at love

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To Save and Defend His Omega (Justice Brothers)

WIP – To Save and Defend His Omega – Chapter 3

By the time they opened the back of the van to lift me out, my legs were shaking, sweat was running down my back, and it felt like an oppressive oven even though it was evening and cool outside. My heart thumped in my chest, and my fingers were curled into a fist so tight that my nails dug into my palms. My rapid breathing sounded like I were underwater as they hauled me out of the van and into a standing position.

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Omega Challenge Read Now

WIP – Omega Challenge – Chapter 6

As forsworn, other wolves expected Arthur to lie, so he made a point of only speaking the truth. He might hide some facts in his silences, but he never told outright lies. Arthur had been honest when he told Luther he preferred betas. His life was complicated enough without allowing himself to think of mates and families. A quiet, uncomplicated fuck swept away unattainable dreams. A man knew where he stood with betas. Even another alpha could be fun, if combative. But omegas… Omegas came with complications.

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WIP – Omega Challenge – Chapter 5

After the last alpha had shed blood on the rock, Noah was expected to mingle with the wolves of the other packs. This sort of glad-handing always made Noah uncomfortable, even when he wasn’t expected to find a mate. Worse, Luther hadn't come back. Noah spotted him at the edge of the clearing, beneath the tree, sitting with the forsworn alpha.

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Omega Challenge Read Now

WIP – Omega Challenge – Chapter 4

As Luther walked away from Noah, it was all he could do to hide how his heart was breaking. He gripped the empty glass and walked towards the picnic tables, but truly, he was searching for the forsworn alpha. Beta senses weren't as acute as either omegas or alphas, but Luther knew Noah in a way few betas could ever claim to know an omega. He knew the man's taste, his scent, and the way his skin flushed just before he came. He understood his lover’s desires, and when Noah and Arthur had locked gazes, the fragile foundation of lies Luther had built his heart and hopes on began to crumble.

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